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Community Creations

How to build a WakaTime plugin

WakaTime is lucky to have many of you contributing code to build a better product. Here is a list of all the things people have built. They are a pretty diverse set, so make sure to through the whole list in case you spot something you like.

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WakaPebble by Keith Solomon

Pebble Smartwatch interface for WakaTime.

Timeless, an Android WakaTime Client by Gianluca Altomani

Timeless lets you analyze your coding activity tracked by WakaTime. It shows statistics between different time ranges, your projects and their specific statistics, your commits for each project, and the public leaderboard. Available on the Google Play Store.

Tick, an Android WakaTime Client by João Pedro Evangelista

See your projects, activity, editors, operating systems, and leaderboard on the go. Available on the Google Play Store.

PocketWaka, an Android WakaTime Client using Material Design by Vladimir Kondenko

PocketWaka shows your top projects, languages, operating systems, and IDEs. Available on the Google Play Store.

wakatime-mobile by David Frahm

Mobile app for viewing your WakaTime stats, built using the Ionic SDK to be cross-platform for iOS and Android.

WakaLet by Jonathan Winger Lang

System tray icon for instant access to your WakaTime projects in OS X. Build the project in Xcode, then move the into your Applications folder to install.

WakaTime Glance Chrome Extension by Allan Zhou

Quickly displays a summary of your WakaTime dashboard within Chrome when clicking the extension's icon.

Unofficial WakaTime Chrome Extension by Christine Boersen

Log and categorize time spent in Google Chrome on your WakaTime dashboard.

Alternate GitHub Commit Tracking by Russell Osborne

This implementation varies from WakaTime's commit feature as it compares time spent on each file, vs comparing the time between commits. It tends to be significantly more accurate for those who do per line commits.

Freshbooks Integration by @GoGoCarl

A Java-based command line utility to create FreshBooks time entries from WakaTime coding activity.

WakaTime in Terminal by Josh Lankford

Shows your WakaTime reports within a command line Terminal.

JavaScript API Client Library by Jillberth Estillore

JavaScript client for consuming the WakaTime API.

Go API Client Library by Evgeniy Vasilev

Go library for consuming the WakaTime API.

PHP API Client Library by Mario Basic

This is a PHP package for the WakaTime API. If you use Laravel, you can use this package to interact with the WakaTime API.

WakaTime Projects Extension by Lars Lenecke

This extension of WakaTime brings extended functionality to the dashboard of Since been incorporated into WakaTime.

Notepad++ Plugin by Vivek Chenecharry

Plugin for Notepad++ which is currently in beta. To join the feedback group, please request access to our Slack community.

trackactivewindow-wakatime by Carlos Henrique Guardão Gandarez

Windows desktop program to quantify the time you spend in each application window.

WakaTime for Thunderbird by Aleksandar Vidakovic

WakaTime for Thunderbird tracks your time spent in Thunderbird mail. (Beta)

WakaTime for Skype by Aleksandar Vidakovic

WakaTime for Skype tracks your time spend on Skype calls. (Beta)

WakaTime for Hangouts by Aleksandar Vidakovic

WakaTime for Hangouts tracks your time spent on Hangout video calls. (Beta)

WakaTime for Godot by Thomaz Soares

Godot game engine plugin for metrics, insights, and time tracking automatically generated from your Godot usage.

WakaMenu for Mac by Hiroshi Horie

An OSX menu bar app that shows today's coding time from WakaTime.

WakaTime Plugin for Camunda Modeler by Niklas Kiefer

Camunda Modeler is an integrated modeling solution for BPMN, DMN and CMMN based on This is an unofficial WakaTime plugin for Camunda Modeler.

GitHub Profile Pinned Gist Sync by matchai

Update a pinned gist to contain your weekly WakaTime stats.

GitHub Profile Pinned Gist Sync by superman66

Update WakaTime summary data to your pinned gist every day.

WakaLet by Jonathan Winger-Lang OSX menulet (menubar application)

Unofficial RStudio plugin by Shinya Uryu

Plugin for RStudio to track your stats with WakaTime.

GitWakaTime by Russell Osborne

Shows time spent coding on git commits. This implementation varies from WakaTime’s because it compares time spent on each file, vs comparing the time between commits. It tends to be significantly more accurate for those who do per line commits. Read more about it here.

WakaTime to Jira Integration by Sergey Viskov

Php tool for WakaTime Jira integration.

WakaTime to Toggl Integration by Boris K

Sync your WakaTime data in Toggl. Works with paid and free accounts.

WakaTime to Prometheus exporter by Jacob Colvin

A Prometheus exporter for Wakatime statistics. It intends to extend the existing Wakatime ecosystem via allowing users to make use of Prometheus (and therefore any consumers of its API) as companion services alongside the traditional Wakatime web application. This could be anything from including some of your coding statistics in Grafana, to forecasting your coding time with prophet.

Very likely, there are people and contributions we have missed here. Please help us recognize and thank you by emailing us.