Our Mission

WakaTime is committed to making time tracking fully automatic for every programmer. By creating open source plugins for IDEs and text editors, we give powerful insights about how you code, and let you get back to what matters most: creating amazing software.

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Alan Hamlett


Milestones & History

May 2013

WakaTime is Born

WakaTime was created for programmers by programmers. Originally hosted at wakati.me named after the Swahili word for time: “wakati”.

June 2013

First plugin

The first WakaTime plugin is open sourced on GitHub.

July 2013

Second plugin

The second text editor plugin is released open source on GitHub. WakaTime gets it’s first thousand sign ups from an announcement on Hacker News.

March 2014

New Dotcom domain

WakaTime moves from wakati.me to it’s new wakatime.com domain.

September 2014

Public leaderboards

Developers using WakaTime can compete based on who codes the most per week, with leaderboards for each programming language.

January 2015

First integration

The new GitHub integration launches to see how long you coded on each commit.

February 2015

Team dashboards

The most requested feature, team dashboards, launches for medium sized teams.

May 2015

Bitbucket & Slack integrations

Bitbucket, Slack, and Office365 integrations added.

August 2016

Private leaderboards

Groups of friends can now compete in their own personal leaderboards without sharing their coding activity publicly.

March 2016

GitLab integration

The most requested integration is added to sync your coding activity with your GitLab commits.

October 2016

Individual goals launched

Users can now set monthly, weekly, and daily programming goals. For example, a goal to program at least two hours per day in Python.

February 2017

43 text editors supported

The 43rd plugin is added for collecting programming metrics from Monodevelop.

October 2017

The 100,000th user joins WakaTime

Over 100k programmers use WakaTime to automate their time tracking. Collectively WakaTime users code over 270,000 hours each week.

April 2018

Build & compile stats

WakaTime plugins start to track the time spent waiting for builds vs. typing code.

December 2019

The 200,000th user joins WakaTime

Over 200k programmers and teams are using WakaTime, collectively coding over 500 thousand hours each week.

December 2020

55 IDE plugins

We’ve been busy adding many new features, including 12 new open source IDE plugins.

September 2022

The 400,000th user joins WakaTime

Over 400k programmers are using WakaTime to measure their daily code stats.

January 2024

Over 500,000 devs and 90+ IDE plugins

More than half a million developers utilize WakaTime’s editor plugins to gain valuable metrics and insights into their coding.


Install the open source plugins to see personalized coding metrics on your dashboard. With 79 editors supported, you always have the complete picture of your programming.


Keep your team connected with popular integrations.

Yearly Code Stats

Each year we release a report showing the code stats of all WakaTime developers, by aggregating the metrics collected when a developer installs one of our IDE plugins.