Product updates and new features 2019 Q4

We’re excited to announce new features available 2019 Q4. 📊 Anonymous team dashboards - turn this on and only project totals are displayed, individual developer times are hidden. Enable anonymous team…

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How many hours have you spent on a project?

WakaTime dashboards show how long you were programming over set date ranges. To find the total hours for a project previously, you set the date on the project dashboard to when you started that projec…

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Sharing Your WakaTime Goals

Here at WakaTime we love hearing from our users, especially when it’s to request a new WakaTime feature. One of the most frequently requested features is the ability to share coding goals. So, today w…

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Tracking Build Times in Xcode

For programmers, being productive means writing more code. Sure, some languages or patterns mean you can do more with less code, but hear me out... Let’s assume it takes 10 lines (including tests of c…

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Improved Goals

Our goal at WakaTime is to improve your productivity using automated programming metrics. WakaTime Goals track your programming and remind you to code more, or congratulate you when you’ve met your pr…

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Vim Plugin Performance

TL;DR Upgrade your Vim WakaTime plugin for a huge performance improvement! Vim 8 recently added support for async jobs. This is great news for all Vim plugins! Previously, background processes would b…

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Fill the Gaps in Your Coding Activity

The newest chart on the WakaTime Dashboard shows the time you were coding with detailed accuracy. With this chart you can interactively visualize your day’s coding activity at different levels of gran…

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Download Your Team Activity as CSV

Today, we added a new feature to your team dashboard: Downloading your team activity as CSV! To download your team projects and contributor activity, click the blue download icon at the top of your te…

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Private Leaderboards

Today we are pleased to announce a redesign of the leaderboards with user profile avatars, pagination, and the ability to compete with friends on private leaderboards! How it works. Create your own pr…

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Automate timetracking with GotDone using your WakaTime data

This is a guest post by Timm Stokke from GotDone. WakaTime is awesome. I love that I don’t have to worry about starting and stopping timers to measure how long I spent programming. Since WakaTime auto…

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WakaTime measures coding time for programmers using open-source plugins for your text editor. You automatically get insights about your programming. Try it out, it's free!


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