WakaTime 2020 Programming Stats

Happy New Year… 2020 is finally over! In 2020, more than 250k developers spent a combined 36 million hours programming, tracked with WakaTime text editor plugins. The average person spent 51 minutes p…

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WakaTime 2019 Programming Stats

Happy New Year! In 2019, over 200k developers spent a combined 25 million hours programming, tracked with WakaTime text editor plugins! Programming stats for 2019. The top languages were JavaScript (5…

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WakaTime 2018 Programming Stats

Let’s take a look back at 2018 from a WakaTime perspective: First, some WakaTime milestones and then a yearly overview of all WakaTime users’ programming metrics! 🎉 Growth & milestones. In 2018, WakaT…

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How to Automate Responding to GDPR Data Removal Request Emails

Do you receive emails from your website users with the subject “Data Removal Request” that look like this? I hereby withdraw my consent for you to collect, process or store any personal data related t…

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Flask Part 3: API Decorators and Helpers

This is the third of three posts about building a JSON API with Flask. Make sure you start with part 1 and part 2. In the first post, we used a custom base SQLAlchemy class to serialize and deserializ…

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Flask Part 2: Building a RESTful API

This is the second of three posts about building a JSON API with Flask. Part 1 arrived yesterday and part 3 is arriving tomorrow. In the previous post we learned how to serialize SQLAlchemy models to/…

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Flask Part 1: SQLAlchemy Models to JSON

This is the first of three posts about building JSON APIs with Flask. Part 2 and part 3 arrive tomorrow and the day after. I've seen a lot of questions on StackOverflow about how to turn SQLAlchemy mo…

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Xcode 8 Will Disable All Your Plugins

TLDR: Apple will disable all your Alcatraz plugins in Xcode 8. Read this GitHub issue for more info and give Apple feedback to let them know we need a fully functioning replacement before disabling th…

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How To Scale SSL with HAProxy and Nginx

SSL is CPU Intensive. If you haven't already enabled SSL session caching, do that NOW. But what if you have many unique requests and your load balancer is maxing out it's CPU? That was the case with W…

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Keeping Your Pip Requirements Fresh

Update 2020: The new way to manage your Python dependencies is Pipenv. It’s like Yarn for Python with updating, locking, and combined with pyenv even manages your project’s Python version. For an exam…

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