Vim Plugin Performance

TL;DR Upgrade your Vim WakaTime plugin for a huge performance improvement! Vim 8 recently added support for async jobs. This is great news for all Vim plugins! Previously, background processes would b…

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Xcode 8 Will Disable All Your Plugins

TLDR: Apple will disable all your Alcatraz plugins in Xcode 8. Read this GitHub issue for more info and give Apple feedback to let them know we need a fully functioning replacement before disabling th…

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Coda WakaTime Plugin Released

We are excited to announce support for Panic's Coda editor! After installing the plugin inside Coda, your WakaTime dashboard will show metrics about your Coda usage. All WakaTime plugins work together…

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Visual Studio Code Extensions

If you haven't heard, Visual Studio Code is now open source on GitHub. Along with this announcement, Visual Studo Code now supports 3rd party extensions! Browsing & Installing Extensions. Inside Visua…

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WakaTime for TextMate

I noticed a lot of votes requesting support for TextMate recently, so I built the WakaTime plugin for TextMate. The plugin took 10 hours and 40 minutes to build in total. You can use more than one Wak…

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How To Write a NetBeans Plugin

Want to add a feature or automate something in your NetBeans IDE? Follow along as we write your first plugin for NetBeans. Let's go beyond the simple Toolbar Example and create a plugin which can auto…

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Track your programming in Atom

The WakaTime plugin for Atom, GitHub's open-source text editor, was released today. To install the plugin in Atom, navigate to Preferences... → Packages and search for WakaTime.…

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Analytics About Your Komodo Usage

Do you use Komodo Edit, the cross-platform multi-language editor based off the Mozilla framework? How about the fully-featured Komodo IDE? Now you can get analytics about your programming just by inst…

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Eclipse WakaTime Plugin Released

This week is EclipseCon 2014 in San Francisco, where OOP enthusiests gather to talk Java. It seems fitting to release the Eclipse plugin for WakaTime this week. For the freelancers at the conference, …

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Xcode WakaTime Plugin Released

For all you iOS and OSX devs, we have some exciting news for you: WakaTime for Xcode is ready! All WakaTime plugins work together. For example, you can switch between Vim, Sublime Text, and now Xcode …

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