Tracking Build Times in Xcode

For programmers, being productive means writing more code. Sure, some languages or patterns mean you can do more with less code, but hear me out... Let’s assume it takes 10 lines (including tests of c…

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Xcode 8 Will Disable All Your Plugins

TLDR: Apple will disable all your Alcatraz plugins in Xcode 8. Read this GitHub issue for more info and give Apple feedback to let them know we need a fully functioning replacement before disabling th…

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Xcode WakaTime Plugin Released

For all you iOS and OSX devs, we have some exciting news for you: WakaTime for Xcode is ready! All WakaTime plugins work together. For example, you can switch between Vim, Sublime Text, and now Xcode …

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About WakaTime

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WakaTime measures coding time for programmers using open-source plugins for your text editor. You automatically get insights about your programming. Try it out, it's free!


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