WakaTime for WPS Office WPS Office

The open source plugin for productivity metrics, goals, leaderboards, and automatic time tracking.


  1. Visit http://wps.zimo.wiki/publish.html in your browser.

  2. Click the Install button.

  3. Open a cmd terminal, type echo %APPDATA% and get the output result. For ex: C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming

  4. Navigate to the above directory in a file manager, then navigate to the kingsoft\wps\jsaddons directory.

  5. Modify the contents of publish.xml as follows:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <jsplugins> <jspluginonline enable="true" url="http://wps.zimo.wiki/plugin/" type="wps" name="wps-wakatime"/> <jspluginonline enable="true" url="http://wps.zimo.wiki/plugin/" type="et" name="wps-wakatime"/> <jspluginonline enable="true" url="http://wps.zimo.wiki/plugin/" type="wpp" name="wps-wakatime"/> </jsplugins>

  6. Refresh the webpage in the first step and see that all the following are normal, and the add-on is installed ok.

  7. Enter your API Key when prompted.

  8. Use WPS Office like normal and your stats will automatically show on your WakaTime Dashboard.