WakaTime is free to use forever, with 2 weeks dashboard history. Upgrading to Premium adds additional features and unlocks all your code stats. Team and Business plans aggregate your developer’s stats on shared team dashboards.

Monthly Yearly(one month free)


$ 0

Free includes

All of these features:

  • 2 weeks dashboard history
  • weekly & daily email reports
  • limited integrations **
  • private leaderboards for 3 friends


$ 12

Premium includes

Everything in Free, and:

  • unlimited dashboard history
  • invoices from your code stats
  • premium commit & PR stats
  • premium integrations **
  • private leaderboards for 50 devs
  • export & download your stats
  • email support


$ 18

Team includes

Everything in Premium, and:

  • up to 100 developers
  • unlimited team dashboards
  • team commit & PR stats
  • team integrations **
  • private leaderboards for 100 devs
  • export team dashboards
  • custom privacy & access control
  • email support

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$ 15

Business includes

Everything in Team, and:

  • 100-1,000 developers
  • onboarding support & training
  • commit & PR stats for 1k devs
  • private leaderboards for 1k devs
  • prioritized email & zoom support
  • customized integrations

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Your coding activity is kept safe, even when using the Free plan, and made available after upgrading to a paid plan.
Need more than 1,000 dev seats? Email us.
** Free & Premium integrations are listed here. Team integrations enable you to use Premium integrations as a team.

Common Questions

Will the Free plan delete my stats after 2 weeks?
No, the Free plan will keep your stats safe. You can even still view and export them many places, for example using embeddable charts, badges, our data export tool, or using our API.
Which payment methods are supported?
Credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Alipay, WeChat, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others are supported.
Are other billing options available?
Annual and monthly plans are available. Click here to toggle the prices above between yearly and monthly billing.
After upgrading, can I see my coding history from before upgrading?
Yes. The WakaTime Free plan keeps your coding stats from when you first created your account. After upgrading to Premium, you’ll be able to see all your coding stats, even the stats from when you didn’t have Premium.
What counts as a paid developer in Team and Business plans?
Each person who displays their stats on team dashboards counts as a paid developer. You don’t need paid seats for view-only accounts. Usually programmers and designers need paid seats, while product managers do not. Only one paid seat is needed per developer no matter how many dashboards they’ve joined.
Can I have a discount?
You save money when subscribing to a yearly plan, and a student discount is also available.