WakaTime for Cloud9 Cloud9

The open source plugin for productivity metrics, goals, leaderboards, and automatic time tracking.


  1. Go to your Cloud9 Preferences and enable all 3 Experimental SDK toggles.

  2. Open your Init Script from Cloud9 → Open Your Init Script.

  3. Paste this in your Init Script:

    var url = "https://cdn.rawgit.com/wakatime/c9-wakatime/master" var pathConfig = {}; pathConfig["plugins/wakatime"] = url require.config({paths: pathConfig}) require(["plugins/wakatime/wakatime", "plugins/wakatime/install"], function(plugin, install) { plugin({}, services, function(e, r) { r.wakatime.name = "wakatime"; console.log(e, r) services.installer.createSession("wakatime", install.version, install) }) })
  4. Restart Cloud9.

  5. Enter your API Key, then click OK.

  6. Use Cloud9 and your coding activity will be displayed on your WakaTime Dashboard.

WakaTime plugins collect file path and project names from your IDE. Learn more about data collected and privacy.