WakaTime for Emacs Emacs

The Emacs plugin is open-source on GitHub.



  1. Install wakatime-mode.

  2. Enter your API key , then press Enter.

  3. Install wakatime cli with sudo pip install wakatime or by downloading the GitHub repo.

  4. Find the path to wakatime cli with which wakatime or use the absolute path to wakatime/cli.py inside the GitHub repo you downloaded.

  5. Enter the path to wakatime cli, then press Enter.

  6. Add (global-wakatime-mode) to your init.el file, then restart Emacs.

  7. Use Emacs with wakatime-mode turned on and your time will be tracked for you automatically.

  8. Visit https://wakatime.com/dashboard to see your coding activity.


  1. Inside Emacs, run package-list-packages.

  2. Type U.

  3. Type x.


  1. Inside Emacs, run package-list-packages.

  2. Search the wakatime-mode package and press d.

  3. Type x.