WakaTime for Komodo Komodo

Open-source plugin for metrics, goals, leaderboards, and automatic time tracking.

The WakaTime Komodo plugin is open-source on GitHub.


  1. Inside Komodo, select ToolsAdd-ons.

  2. Press the left arrow key to go up one level.

  3. Search for WakaTime and press Enter to install.

  4. When prompted, click Restart Now.

  5. Enter your API key .

  6. Use Komodo like you normally do and your time will automatically be tracked for you.

  7. Visit https://wakatime.com/dashboard to see your coding activity.


  1. Inside Komodo, select ToolsAdd-ons.

  2. Find WakaTime in the list of Extensions and click the Remove button.

  3. Re-launch Komodo.