Private Leaderboards

Today we are pleased to announce a redesign of the leaderboards with user profile avatars, pagination, and the ability to compete with friends on private leaderboards!

leaderboard screenshot

How it works

  1. Create your own private leaderboard here
  2. Invite friends to join your board
  3. Compete each day to see who codes the most

Language leaderboards

Did you notice the languages next to each person are clickable? Each language filters the leaderboard based on who coded the most in that language! Not coding as much as your friends? No problem, just use the leaderboard for your primary language to get a better chance at outranking your friends.

Public leaderboard

The public leaderboard is now paginated, and has an improved design. Your activity won't appear on the public leaderboard unless you've made your coding activity public in your profile settings. After making your activity public, the leaderboard will default to the page showing your rank.

Different from your personal dashboard

  • Leaderboards use the default timeout value of 15 minutes, to make sure everyone is ranked fairly.
  • All leaderboards filter out coding activity without a detected language. This keeps the leaderboards clean and only showing relevant programming activity.
  • The time range used for leaderboards is the last 7 days from yesterday, because we can't calculate ranks before you've finished coding for the day.
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