Aptana Studio

The Aptana Studio plugin is open-source on GitHub.

Heads Up! WakaTime on OS X depends on Xcode being installed to work correctly.


  1. Add WakaTime to your Aptana Studio as a new Update Site:

    Select HelpInstall New Software... → then enter this url and hit Enter:


  2. Check the WakaTime package, then click Next and proceed with the wizard to install the plugin.

  3. After Aptana Studio has been restarted, enter your API key , then click OK.

  4. Use Aptana Studio and your time will be tracked for you automatically.

  5. Visit https://wakatime.com/dashboard to see your logged time.


  1. Inside Aptana Studio select HelpCheck for Updates.


  1. Inside Aptana Studio, select HelpAbout.

  2. Click Installation Details button.

  3. Select WakaTime from the list and press Uninstall... button and confirm the uninstalling by click Finish.

  4. Re-launch Aptana Studio.