The WakaTime plugin works with GitHub's Atom text editor and is open-source on GitHub.


  1. Inside Atom, navigate to Preferences (or Settings) → Install and search for wakatime.

  2. Click the Install button.

  3. Click the Settings button inside the wakatime package.

  4. Enter your API key .

  5. Use Atom like you normally do and your time will be tracked for you automatically.

  6. Visit to see your logged time.

Note: The leet way to install WakaTime is with this Terminal command:

apm install wakatime


The plugin will be kept up-to-date automatically.


  1. Inside Atom select Preferences... or Settings (depends on the system) → Packages and search for wakatime.

  2. Click the Uninstall button.

  3. Also make sure to delete your api key from ~/.atom/config.cson to keep your account secure.