Visual Studio Code Extensions

If you haven't heard, Visual Studio Code is now open source on GitHub. Along with this announcement, Visual Studo Code now supports 3rd party extensions! Browsing & Installing Extensions. Inside Visua…

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4 Ways to Visualize Your Programming Data

WakaTime is like fitbit for programmers, and we are always looking for new ways to visualize our data. Our dashboard is great for seeing project, file, and branch level visualizations over various tim…

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Pirates use Flask, the Navy uses Django

Update: Tony Narlock created an amazingly comprehensive comparison of Django vs Flask. If you're testing out a new idea or getting a product going, you have to choose a web stack to build it on. For P…

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WakaTime for TextMate

I noticed a lot of votes requesting support for TextMate recently, so I built the WakaTime plugin for TextMate. The plugin took 10 hours and 40 minutes to build in total. You can use more than one Wak…

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Controlling Which Folders Get Logged

The latest version of WakaTime allows more control over what gets logged. You can now whitelist directories so only certain directories get logged with WakaTime. All you need to do is paste this in yo…

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WakaTime Reports and Laravel

In this post I will show you how to use the PHP package that I wrote for WakaTime wakatime-php-api with Laravel. I was in a situation where I wanted to show my time logged for the last 30 days (on all…

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How To Write a NetBeans Plugin

Want to add a feature or automate something in your NetBeans IDE? Follow along as we write your first plugin for NetBeans. Let's go beyond the simple Toolbar Example and create a plugin which can auto…

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User Profiles Now Live

Today we have released profile pages for every user on WakaTime. You can now personalize your URL and most interestingly, make your logged time & top programming languages public. We'll be hosting a l…

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New Leader Board

Today we would like to share the new WakaTime leader board where you can see the top 1,000 coders using WakaTime. Check it out at…

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Track your programming in Atom

The WakaTime plugin for Atom, GitHub's open-source text editor, was released today. To install the plugin in Atom, navigate to Preferences... → Packages and search for WakaTime.…

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WakaTime measures coding time for programmers using open-source plugins for your text editor. You automatically get insights about your programming. Try it out, it's free!


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