WakaTime Reports and Laravel

In this post I will show you how to use the PHP package that I wrote for WakaTime wakatime-php-api with Laravel.

I was in a situation where I wanted to show my time logged for the last 30 days (on all projects) on my website. The website is built using Laravel. WakaTime provides a good API for this purpose, but I wanted to consume it the PHP way, so I created a PHP package that anyone can use.

Basic IT site

You can view the result on Basic IT.

WakaTime provides Open-source plugins for automatic time tracking & insights into your programming. In short Analytics for Programmers.

WakaTime - Analytics for Programmers

You just have to install a plugin for your favorite text-editor or IDE and WakaTime will do the rest. It tracks the time you spend programming, it detects programming languages, it detects files and time spent on a file, it tracks time you spend on a specific project and has many other features.

The package has a lot of convinient methods like:

  • getHoursLoggedFor
  • getHoursLoggedForLast
  • getHoursLoggedForToday
  • getHoursLoggedForYesterday
  • getHoursLoggedForLast7Days
  • getHoursLoggedForLast30Days
  • getHoursLoggedForThisMonth
  • getHoursLoggedForLastMonth

and the two official methods from WakaTime from which it gets the numbers for the above methods:

  • currentUser
  • dailySummary

As I mentioned earlier in this post I will show you how to consume this package in Laravel, so let's start and dive in.


Add to your composer.json:

"mabasic/wakatime-php-api": "~1.0"

and run composer update or type this from command line:

composer require "mabasic/wakatime-php-api=~1.0"

API key

To get your API key for WakaTime go to WakaTime Settings and copy the secret key.

We will store that key in Laravel in app/config/services.php file. Open that file and write the following:

'wakatime' => [
    'api_key' => 'your-secret-key'

Or you can use the .env way to store the API key. See the documentation.

Service provider

Now we have to create a Service Provider for WakaTime. We will create a singleton, pass the api_key and guzzle dependency and return the WakaTime object.

<?php namespace Acme\Providers;

use App;
use Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider;
use Mabasic\WakaTime\WakaTime;
use GuzzleHttp\Client as Guzzle;

class WakaTimeServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider {

    public function register()
        App::singleton('Mabasic\WakaTime\WakaTime', function ($app)
            $key = $app['config']->get('services.wakatime.api_key');

            $wakaTime = new WakaTime(new Guzzle);

            return $wakaTime;


Add this to your app.php config file under providers:


and run composer dump-autoload.


Now that we have everything set up, we need to inject the WakaTime class into our controller (dependecy injection). Let's create a BlankController that has one method and when called it returns hours logged for last 30 days.


use Mabasic\WakaTime\WakaTime;

class BlankController extends \BaseController {

    protected $wakaTime;

    public function __construct(WakaTime $wakaTime)
        $this->wakaTime = $wakaTime;

     * Returns hours logged for last 30 days
    public function index()
        $workHoursThisMonth = $this->wakaTime

        return $workHoursThisMonth;

         * Or you can return some view and pass the variable.
         * Be sure to create a view `example.blade.php`
         * in views folder if you are going to do this.
        //return View::make('example')->with('hours', $workHoursThisMonth);



So, the route for this method would be:

Route::get('/last30days', 'BlankController@index');

or if you prefer resourceful routes:

Route::resource('last30days', 'BlankController', ['only' => 'index']);

If you have done everything correctly you will get your hours logged in last 30 days using WakaTime. If you have questions, suggestions or have found a mistake, please leave me a comment bellow and I will respond as soon as possible.

P.S. If you are looking for a command line way of interacting with WakaTime, check this out See your WakaTime report directly in the terminal.

Originally published at mariobasic.com on February 01, 2015.


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