Creating Invoices with FlockaBilling

This is a guest post by Amy Bridges, Founder at FlockaBilling.

FlockaBilling is a new software that links WakaTime with invoicing platforms, such as Harvest and Freshbooks.

WakaTime is a time tracking tool that measures your programming in real-time rather then having to manage a start and stop button like other time trackers. This is done using an API callback method referred to as Heartbeats. When using FlockaBilling, just login and connect your WakaTime account then pick the project you would like to bill from WakaTime. You would then choose "Bill Em" and the program makes an invoice with your chosen invoice provider, currently Harvest or Freshbooks.

We noticed there needed to be a link between billing and time tracking, so we built FlockaBilling. FlockaBilling is simple, convenient, and allows you to spend the time you need on whats most important - your customers and coding.

We plan to keep adding more features to FlockaBilling, and would love your feedback on what to build next:

  • Quickbooks invoice creation
  • Date range selection for time within projects
  • Reports dashboard (invoice ratio, total billed hours)
  • Team groups (group wakatime accounts)
  • Notify contact that an invoice has been created

We would love to hear your feedback on how we can make FlockaBilling work to fit your needs for invoicing. Just drop us a line in the comments and we will reply.

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