WakaTime 2018 Programming Stats

Let’s take a look back at 2018 from a WakaTime perspective: First, some WakaTime milestones and then a yearly overview of all WakaTime users’ programming metrics! 🎉

Growth & milestones

In 2018, WakaTime...

  • Processed on average 11 million editor heartbeats per day (Or, 127 per second)
  • Witnessed VS Code become the most used editor plugin
  • Reached the 150k users milestone 🚀

Features released in 2018



We redesigned team dashboards to match actual company structures. With organizations each team has their own dashboard. Members of the dashboard see each other’s projects, languages, and other coding stats. Organizations also get detailed audit logs, fine-grained permissions, and the ability to have multiple billing managers.

Shareable and inverseable goals


Personal goals are now shareable with other users. Using the goal settings menu, enter a WakaTime username or email to send invitations for viewing your goals. Also, goals can now be inversed. For example, a goal to code less time on weekends.

Tracking compile times

Compiling vs coding

Your WakaTime dashboard now shows your time spent coding vs time spent waiting for builds to compile. Available now for Xcode and coming to other IDEs in the future.

Programming metrics for 2018

In 2018, WakaTime users programmed for a combined 18,564,753 hrs!

The top languages were JavaScript (3,654,553 hrs), PHP (2,211,437 hrs), Java (1,506,187 hrs), TypeScript (989,927 hrs), Python (926,099 hrs), and HTML (898,510 hrs).

top languages

We could probably count TypeScript together with JavaScript for a combined 4,644,480 hrs, over twice as much as the runner up language PHP. JavaScript really is eating the world!

The top text editors were VS Code (6,141,677 hrs), PhpStorm (1,898,150 hrs), Sublime Text (1,713,266 hrs), IntelliJ (1,321,035 hrs), Android Studio (1,256,938 hrs), Chrome (1,243,128 hrs), Atom (947,082 hrs), WebStorm (816,939 hrs), Visual Studio (763,325 hrs), Vim (629,058 hrs), PyCharm (456,032 hrs), Emacs (164,700 hrs), Eclipse (153,433 hrs), RubyMine (144,961 hrs), NetBeans (96,540 hrs), Xcode (91,843 hrs), and GoLand (73,325 hrs).

top editors

The top operating systems used were Mac (9,456,372 hrs), Windows (5,825,272 hrs), and Linux (3,276,562 hrs).

top operating systems

See your personalized report for 2018 here:

Programming Stats for 2018 Report [html]

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