Product updates and new features 2020 H1

Hello everyone, with COVID-19 we’re switching from quarterly to semiannual updates. Here are the new features we’ve been working hard to release.

🐦 Auto-Tweet your daily coding goals - To stay accountable, for example: when doing the #100DaysOfCode challenge. Set your coding goal here.

💬 Private chat for your leaderboards - discuss your programming activity and languages.

private leaderboard chat screenshot

📫 Email reports for specific projects - send weekly reports only for certain projects, available from your notification settings.

📊 Language stats for team dashboards - see the languages your team members are using.

🧾 Branch support for commit stats - see time spent coding per commit on branches other than the default branch.

Look forward to more features in future blog posts. Stay safe, virus-free, and happy coding!

About WakaTime

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WakaTime measures coding time for programmers using open source plugins for your text editor. You automatically get insights about your programming. Try it out, it's free!


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