WakaTime 2020 Programming Stats

Happy New Year… 2020 is finally over!

A real dumpster fire

In 2020, more than 250k developers spent a combined 36 million hours programming, tracked with WakaTime text editor plugins. The average person spent 51 minutes per day programming. This post is an analysis of all those hours spent programming during 2020, and a quick list of improvements and new WakaTime features. Most notably, the new Google Calendar integration shows meeting times on your dashboard.

New Features & Milestones

📅 Google Calendar integration

We redesigned the integrations page, and added a Google Calendar integration so you can see how long you spend in meetings.

⚙️ Improved custom rules

Smarter matching of categories, domains, and apps with custom rules.

📊 Performance improvements for teams

We improved p99 TTI performance by 90% for team dashboards. This greatly improves the experience for teams with more than 50 devs on a dashboard.

📺 55 IDEs supported

We’ve been busy adding support for all the text editors developers use.

🚀 Reached 250,000 users

Over 250k programmers are now using WakaTime for metrics about their programming.

Programming stats for 2020

Top languages for 2020, and their changes from last year

top languages

Top editors for 2020

top editors

Top operating systems used

top operating systems

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These aggregated 2020 stats are available as JSON, and also available for previous years.

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