Product updates and new features 2021

🚀 We reached 300k users! - Also, here’s some new WakaTime features.

📊 Edit your time on the dashboard - Click on durations to edit the project, language, category, and branch.

🔰 Public profile badge - Share the total time you coded since signing up for WakaTime with a public repo badge on your WakaTime profile. Click the badge on your profile to get it’s embded code for your personal website or GitHub profile, for ex: my GitHub profile’s pinned

public profile badge screenshot

💪 Plugin core rewritten in Go - Our amazing team has finished porting wakatime-cli, used by all Waka plugins, from Python into Go. This removes edge-case issues related to system Python dependencies, and improves performance of the plugins. Check out the shiny new GitHub repo!

🔗 Integrations - Several new integrations including Histre, Google Calendar, Zoom, and IFTTT.

Look forward to more features in the future. Stay safe and happy coding!