WakaTime 2021 Programming Stats

Happy New Year! Here's your WakaTime code stats for 2021.


In 2021, more than 300k developers spent a combined 39 million hours programming, tracked with WakaTime text editor plugins. The average person spent 48 minutes per day programming. This post is an analysis of all those hours spent programming during 2021, and a quick list of improvements and new features.

New Features & Milestones

🇺🇸 Leaderboard Flags

We added flags to the leaderboard. Click a flag to see the ranks of devs only in that country.

😎 Project Badges

We already had repo badges, now we also have project badges. The difference is you don’t need to connect a repo to get a badge, but project badges only show your time coded instead of all repo contributors. We also added support for customizing badge styles with ?style= in the badge url.

💾 Backups

We improved the export feature with a choice of two types of export: daily or raw. For backing up your code stats, select the raw export.

📊 Download Project Dashboards

You can now download a project dashboard as csv or json.

🧾 Invoicing

Join the waitlist to be one of the first to use our new invoicing tool!

Programming stats for 2021

Top languages for 2021, and their changes from last year

top languages

Top editors for 2021

top editors

Top operating systems used

top operating systems

See your personalized report for 2021 here:

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These aggregated 2021 stats are available as JSON, and also available for previous years.

Edit: Thanks to Maxim Milovanov for finding and fixing a bug in the chart images.

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