Fill the Gaps in Your Coding Activity

The newest chart on the WakaTime Dashboard shows the time you were coding with detailed accuracy. With this chart you can interactively visualize your day’s coding activity at different levels of gran…

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Controlling Which Folders Get Logged

The latest version of WakaTime allows more control over what gets logged. You can now whitelist directories so only certain directories get logged with WakaTime. All you need to do is paste this in yo…

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Visualize Your Daily Productivity

How do you increase your productivity each day? John Carmack uses a CD player to measure his daily productivity by counting the number of tracks he listens to. WakaTime makes it even easier by automat…

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About WakaTime

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WakaTime measures coding time for programmers using open-source plugins for your text editor. You automatically get insights about your programming. Try it out, it's free!


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