WakaTime 2020 Programming Stats

Happy New Year… 2020 is finally over! In 2020, more than 250k developers spent a combined 36 million hours programming, tracked with WakaTime text editor plugins. The average person spent 51 minutes p…

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The Best Time Tracker for Programmers

If you’re an independent contractor writing software, then this post is for you. Even if you do project-based invoicing, accurate time tracking is important for measuring the effort you’re devoting to…

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Product updates and new features 2020 H1

Hello everyone, with COVID-19 we’re switching from quarterly to semiannual updates. Here are the new features we’ve been working hard to release. 🐦 Auto-Tweet your daily coding goals - To stay account…

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WakaTime 2019 Programming Stats

Happy New Year! In 2019, over 200k developers spent a combined 25 million hours programming, tracked with WakaTime text editor plugins! Programming stats for 2019. The top languages were JavaScript (5…

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Product updates and new features 2019 Q4

We’re excited to announce new features available 2019 Q4. 📊 Anonymous team dashboards - turn this on and only project totals are displayed, individual developer times are hidden. Enable anonymous team…

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How many hours have you spent on a project?

WakaTime dashboards show how long you were programming over set date ranges. To find the total hours for a project previously, you set the date on the project dashboard to when you started that projec…

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When is time tracking too accurate?

When is time tracking too accurate? The short answer: When you’re billing... remember to decrease granularity by increasing your timeout preference before billing clients. WakaTime is a very accurate …

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WakaTime 2018 Programming Stats

Let’s take a look back at 2018 from a WakaTime perspective: First, some WakaTime milestones and then a yearly overview of all WakaTime users’ programming metrics! 🎉 Growth & milestones. In 2018, WakaT…

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How to Automate Responding to GDPR Data Removal Request Emails

Do you receive emails from your website users with the subject “Data Removal Request” that look like this? I hereby withdraw my consent for you to collect, process or store any personal data related t…

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Flask Part 3: API Decorators and Helpers

This is the third of three posts about building a JSON API with Flask. Make sure you start with part 1 and part 2. In the first post, we used a custom base SQLAlchemy class to serialize and deserializ…

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