When is Time Tracking Too Accurate?

When is time tracking too accurate? The short answer: When you’re billing... remember to decrease granularity by increasing your timeout preference before billing clients. WakaTime is a very accurate …

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WakaTime 2018 Programming Stats

Let’s take a look back at 2018 from a WakaTime perspective: First, some WakaTime milestones and then a yearly overview of all WakaTime users’ programming metrics! 🎉 Growth & milestones. In 2018, WakaT…

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How to Automate Responding to GDPR Data Removal Request Emails

Do you receive emails from your website users with the subject “Data Removal Request” that look like this? I hereby withdraw my consent for you to collect, process or store any personal data related t…

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Flask Part 3: API Decorators and Helpers

This is the third of three posts about building a JSON API with Flask. Make sure you start with part 1 and part 2. In the first post, we used a custom base SQLAlchemy class to serialize and deserializ…

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Flask Part 2: Building a RESTful API

This is the second of three posts about building a JSON API with Flask. Part 1 arrived yesterday and part 3 is arriving tomorrow. In the previous post we learned how to serialize SQLAlchemy models to/…

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Flask Part 1: SQLAlchemy Models to JSON

This is the first of three posts about building JSON APIs with Flask. Part 2 and part 3 arrive tomorrow and the day after. I've seen a lot of questions on StackOverflow about how to turn SQLAlchemy mo…

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Sharing Your WakaTime Goals

Here at WakaTime we love hearing from our users, especially when it’s to request a new WakaTime feature. One of the most frequently requested features is the ability to share coding goals. So, today w…

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Tracking Build Times in Xcode

For programmers, being productive means writing more code. Sure, some languages or patterns mean you can do more with less code, but hear me out... Let’s assume it takes 10 lines (including tests of c…

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Improved Goals

Our goal at WakaTime is to improve your productivity using automated programming metrics. WakaTime Goals track your programming and remind you to code more, or congratulate you when you’ve met your pr…

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Vim Plugin Performance

TL;DR Upgrade your Vim WakaTime plugin for a huge performance improvement! Vim 8 recently added support for async jobs. This is great news for all Vim plugins! Previously, background processes would b…

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