WakaTime 2019 Programming Stats

Happy New Year! In 2019, over 200k developers spent a combined 25 million hours programming, tracked with WakaTime text editor plugins!

Programming stats for 2019

The top languages were JavaScript (5,033,788 hrs), PHP (2,693,964 hrs), TypeScript (2,112,340 hrs), Java (1,709,198 hrs), Python (1,407,221 hrs), Vue.js (1,142,362 hrs), HTML (1,090,448 hrs), C# (771,054 hrs), SCSS (542,876 hrs), JSON (541,430 hrs), Ruby (533,571 hrs), Kotlin (457,508 hrs), JSX (451,354 hrs), and Go (418,021 hrs).

top languages

In 2019, TypeScript overtook Java for 3rd place. JavaScript + TypeScript still hold the lead when combined as they’re used three times more than any other language. We’re personally happy to see Python holds 5th place again this year, since WakaTime heavily utilizes Python and Flask.

The top text editors were VS Code (12,052,975 hrs), PhpStorm (2,248,752 hrs), IntelliJ (1,862,740 hrs), Chrome (1,542,063 hrs), Android Studio (1,374,508 hrs), Sublime Text (1,265,235 hrs), WebStorm (1,091,786 hrs), Visual Studio (860,582 hrs), Vim (672,586 hrs), PyCharm (640,552 hrs), Atom (585,443 hrs), GoLand (173,790 hrs), Emacs (170,790 hrs), RubyMine (153,851 hrs), Eclipse (151,885 hrs), Rider (122,114 hrs), Xcode (121,435 hrs), NetBeans (87,572 hrs), CLion (60,860 hrs), Coda (53,563 hrs), and Sketch (48,708 hrs).

top editors

VS Code still holds 1st place this year, and the gap increased from 1st to 2nd since 2018. Combine all Jetbrains IDEs and they’re only half the usage of VS Code. Sublime Text usage decreased in 2019, dropping from 3rd to 6th place. Atom really is dead... it’s usage was cut in half in 2019, most likely as developers switched to VS Code.

The top operating systems used were Mac (12,633,319 hrs), Windows (8,424,908 hrs), and Linux (4,687,708 hrs).

top operating systems

These aggregate 2019 stats are available as JSON. Also, check out the 2018 Programming Stats.

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