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Fully automatic code stats

  • See time spent per project, file, or feature
  • Compare time in meetings vs coding
  • Identify bottlenecks in your codebase
  • Compete with leaderboards and goals

Used by top developers

I’ve always needed a plugin that silently judged my coding habits behind my back. WakaTime is the judgmental friend inside my IDE.
TJ Holowaychuk
Creator of Express.js
I used to tell people how much time I spent coding, but nobody would believe me. Thanks to WakaTime, now I have proof! It’s like having a diary for my coding, but with more graphs and less teenage angst.
Maya Wright
Software engineer
WakaTime isn’t just a plugin, it’s a reality check. It gently reminds me that fixing the bug didn’t take 10 minutes like I said… in reality it took 6 hours!
Robert Adams
Software engineer

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